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Lorena Mulford

Age: 25

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 07.01.2018

Education: Social Comunicator

Childcare experience: My experience in child care began with my cousins, I am the oldest and for that reason I was the one who was in charge when our parents were not at home. We had fun together playing “hide and seek”, “frozen”, dancing. At that moment I realized that I like to be with kids, and help in their growth and education.
Since then, I had care the children’s of friends of my parents or children of our neighbors. When I shared time with them we played games, we went out to play soccer, basketball, “frozen” or just we were staying at home playing "stop" or watching movies.
I consider myself as a Mature, creative, cheerful, patient, discipline, and careful, kind, honest, punctual, responsible and respectful person. In me you can find the skills to be the perfect au pair:
- I have a good English level
- I care for others
- I am great with children’s

Motivation: I want to live this experience because I love to travel, meet new cultures and traditions. I want to see the world beyond my backyard. Also I hope to improve my English and to teach you our traditions.
I think you should choose me as your au pair because I know how important your children are for you, also I like working with children and I have the skills to do so. Therefore, I commit to be the person you can trust.
Please give me the opportunity to teach you who am I and be the representative of my country at your home.

Estefania Espitia (APE agency)

Age: 25

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 24.11.2017

Education: English Teaching

Childcare experience: Over the last 7 years my experience with children has increased significantly. I worked with many different children of multiple ages between 4 and 10 years old. For example, I was in the care of two children of 5 and 7 years of age respectively. It was a wonderful experience in a close municipality . Last year I looked after a 10 year old named Isabella for 5 hours a day over 6 months. During my time with her, I helped her with her homework and contributed greatly to her learning process.

Motivation: I want to be an au pair because it’s a prime opportunity for me to be role model to children. I will be able to teach them through my past experiences, and at the same time, they will be able to learn more about my culture. I would love the opportunity to spend time with them to help develop their skills and dreams. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to improve other language, know your lifestyle, your habits and your country, which I greatly admire.

Ksenia Engalycheva

Age: 19

Nationality: Russian

Country of residence: Russia

Start date: 01.09.2018

Education: Medical college , will graduate in 2018

Childcare experience: I love children for their sincerity and kindness.
My stepsister used to ask me to stay with her son and to look after him .It was an incredible time for me. We read lots of books and created the ending by ourself. He attended drama class ,so we learned poems and made shows for his mother. When I stayed with him for night ,we fantasized that we were travellers and had to safe the world .
During summer holiday I worked in a summer camp with children aged from 8 till 16. It wa an active camp which was called “Robinzonada “. There were different programs :such as tour with tent, where children studied to make a fire and cook on it , theoretical program about leaders skills.
In that camp I went to a camping trip for do 4 days. During that time children showed everything they studied and made everything by themselves,( they did everything under my control and I helped them,when it was necessary.
So I know lots of games and can do active games with children. Also I like makinga puzzle ,I think it makes your brain more stretching.
Children make me smile , and help me to live.

Motivation: Travelling is a very important part of my live . I like to know something new and understand why it is so.
When I found this program I understood that I would like to have an experience of living in the other country in a family and to take care of children, that will give me new experience in communicating with children and understanding them.
I choose Holland ,because it is beautiful and exiting country.I have never been to Holland ,so I would like to live here in a family, ti study language and to try to feel - real Holland life.
Also, I would like to improve my language skills because it is very important for my study and just for life.


Age: 30

Nationality: Colombia

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 20.01.2018

Education: International Business

Childcare experience: I have had experience with child since 12 years old because I have taken care my younger sister, she is 18 years old now, then in 2010 I taken care my cousin during 1 year, he was 6th months old, then in 2011 I taken care my other cousin, who he was 6th years old and in 2014 to 2016 usually I have taken care 3 children when their parents gone to another city.

Motivation: My motivation is to improve my English and to learn about other culture of course to teach about my culture because I want to have better opportunities in my country or another and for that reason I need to improve my English level and I know that it will open many doors for to do real my goals and my dreams.

I would like to travel around the world, to know many countries for opening my mind and approach is what I want

I consider myself a responsible, punctual person, I like cleanliness, I like to have time for everything I plan to do.

Daria Antropova

Age: 22

Nationality: Russian

Country of residence: Russia

Start date: 01.01.2018

Education: High School Diploma

Childcare experience: September 2013 – February 2015 Kirov (Russia)
An English Language Tutor (A Letter of Recommendation Available)
• Tutoring Kids in English (ages 7, 9, 10, 13, 16)
• Planning and giving lessons, encouraging kids to speak and study in a fun, game-like environment

March 2015 – November 2015Kaunas (Lithuania)
A Volunteer at the Kaunas Botanical Garden (8 months of European Voluntary Service, A Letter of Recommendation Available)
• Giving excursions at the Exotic Animals’ Exposition to groups of kids ranging from the age of 5 to 20
• Insuring the safety of the young kids during their visit of the Exotic Animals’ Exposition

May 2016 – May 2017 Melen (Belgium)
A position of an au pair in a family of 3 kids (A Letter of Recommendation Available)
• Taking care of 2 boys aged 3 and 4 and a 6-year-old girl
• Helping with the household, including cooking for the family, laundry and keeping the house clean
• Organizing various activities, doing homework with them

June 2017 – October 2017 Wollerau (Switzerland)

A position of an au pair in a family with 2 kids ( A Letter of Recommendation is Available)
• Taking care of 2 girls aged 2 and 3
• Managing the household: the house, the garden and the laundry
• Speaking English to the kids

Motivation: I would like to be an au pair for many reasons. First of all, because it's something that suits me very well. I spent the last 4 years of my life working with kids in one way or another in 4 different countries, as either an au pair, a tutor or a tour guide, and it's something that I found to be truly enjoyable. I like their energy, I enjoy having a chance to organize different games and fun activities with them and, partly because I would like to study psychology in the future, it truly fascinates me to talk to the kids, to understand they way they think, how they feel at the particular moment and why.

Secondly, I honestly think it's one of the best ways to learn a new culture, a new language and see the world. I spent one year as an exchange student in the USA and one year as a volunteer in Lithuania, but neither one of them I enjoyed as much as being an au pair. It's truly something special. On the one hand it's a job, at times even a difficult one, and it's the one I'm good at and the one I take seriously. But on the other hand, it's a year full of surprises, opportunities, small and big victories and a lot of fun. I've learnt more about kids, families and life in general during my first weeks as an au pair than I did at all of my previous jobs combined.

Las but not least, I know that some of the connections I've made with the people these past few years will last me a lifetime, and I would truly like to make some more.

Alix Perez

Age: 25

Nationality: Colombia

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 12.12.2017

Education: Modern Languages

Childcare experience: I was an Au Pair in the US years ago. (Have a recommendation letter from my Host Mom)

I've had experience with children from 2 - 8 years old. I'm a good driver, I like to do outdoor activities with children, In my career I also have teaching experience with groups of children.

In household: My experiences include washing dishes, loading and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the house (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms), tidying up, light grocery shopping, doing the laundry, folding and packing away laundry/clothes, ironing, vacuuming, dusting, walking and feeding pets and making and changing the children’s beds.

Motivation: Hello my dear host family, I’m a student of modern languages in Colombia, I am a creative, responsible and very active person. I work with children about 8 years ago not only caring for them also perform recreational activities and as support in children's camps.

I was au pair in the United States for one-year care for two children one of 5 and the other of 3 years old, I know what it’s this experience-like and something I wish to live again. My experience with them was wonderful was very sad when I had to say goodbye to them because we created a spectacular relationship but thanks to the current technology we still contacted.

I would like to be an au pair in this new country because I enjoy meeting new people, new cultures, new places and above all I enjoy my work with children not only as a child or maybe an older sister but as a support and an example of values and respect for them, my work has allowed me to know and develop experiences with children in which I use strategies to have a good relationship and great fun with them. I wish not to speak more but rather meet you and that way we can get to know each other better.

I hope to hear from you soon, a big hug.


- Alix

Parichat Momtha

Age: 30 years old

Nationality: Thai

Country of residence: Thailand

Start date: 01.01.2018

Education: Bachelor Degree in General Management

Childcare experience: I have trained childcare at Sangchan Nursery for 500 hours. There are 4 children, aged about 6 month to 3 years old. My responsibilities were preparing food for the bottle, showering and changing diapers, playing with them, singing songs with them, telling stories, and putting them to bed. Beside I have observed the child development since at first day of my training. For instance; they are walking, crawling, trying to speak etc. I also learned how to deal when children cry. Win is half-Thai, half-French. He is one-two-years old boy who I take care of there; he began speak and walk then I was practicing him to speak and walk. The last day when I finished my work he could speak a few words and walk a few steps by himself, Prem ,he is 6 month-old boy who I take care of there: I have to bottle-feed him some pap, take him sleep ,bath him, dress him up, take him to a walk and give some medicine, Yaya and Star they are two-two-years old girl who I take care of there.

We usually had many activities; for example teaching them alphabet, number, vocabulary for kids, phonic sound, In addition, I also enjoy many activities with the kids such as drawing, painting, coloring, playing games, watching videos, singing, dancing, teaching them share toys with friends, teaching them tidy up things and toys after finished a class, teaching them how to clean their hand correctly, teaching them to save energy, and keeping eyes on their safety during their classes

Motivation: The reason why I would like to be Au-pair in Europe is firstly I love children when I spent time with them, they make me happy and I can keep them happy as well. I think childhood is very important step of their life. They need someone who can take a good care and grow them both body and mind. I would like to take care of foreign children. I think I can do it very well. Secondly I need to improve my English skill for my future career and graduation. I think Au-pair program can help me to reach my goal by take some interesting English courses, learning with native speaker, so I would like to be a part of my host family. Lastly I happy to learn new culture and I share some Thai culture. My future goal, I expect my English to be improved and when I come back to Thailand, I apply to do a master degree in international program.

Riza Cabalbal

Age: 24

Nationality: Philippines

Country of residence: Sweden

Start date: July 2018

Education: College Graduate

Childcare experience: Im currently an au pair in Sweden, taking care of a 6 year old kid. Aside from this I had a long year experience of childcare since I sometimes look after my nephew and neices in my home country. I can also take care of newborn or infants for I work as a Midwife before becoming an au pair.

Motivation: I want to explore more of European culture that's why I am looking in advance for my next host family. I am independent and flexible girl willing to take care of your kids while experiencing your culture and traditions.

Frida Gabriela Ochoa Carrasco Zanini

Age: 26

Nationality: Mexican

Country of residence: Mexico

Start date: 09.01.2018

Education: Master in Iberian and Ibero-American studies

Childcare experience: I have experience taking care of my younger sister, since she was 7 years old until she was 10.
I was the babysitter of a 4 years old girl and a 2 years old boy. For reference, please contact: Alessia +393478312927
I was the babysitter of a 2 years old boy. I also did some cleaning tasks. For reference, please contact: Dania Traboulsi +32487338438

Motivation: Being a babysitter is a wonderful job because in this job you can enrich a child's life at the same time that he or she enriches your life. And being an au pair would be a great oportunity for learning about a new culture at the same time that I share mine.
I would love to be an au pair in the Netherlands because I love working whith children and also I like very much the dutch language and culture.
If I am accepted to be an au pair, I promise to dedicate myself completely to give an excellent experience for the children that I will take care of.


Age: 20 years old

Nationality: South Africa

Country of residence: Germany

Start date: 09.01.2018

Education: Baccalaureate Matric pass

Childcare experience: Au Pair in Germany

Motivation: Good day future host family,

I am really looking forward in meeting you and telling you more about myself,

I have and immense love for Europe and also love working with kids, so choosing this direction of Au pair has been balancing it out for me very well. I am currently looking after two boys in Germany and they bring me so much joy.

I can’t wait to meet all of you and have a wider vision, to achieve my dreams and goals in life. I am sure this one year as an au-pair could result into very precious memories and plenty of experience. Until we meet…


Ika Cattleya

Age: 24

Nationality: Indonesian

Country of residence: Indonesia

Start date: 01.03.2018

Education: Bachelor degree in Psychology

Childcare experience: When it talks about child-care experience, I have looked after children in formal and informal context. The most unforgettable experience was in 2016, when I became a youth volunteer in Izmir, Turkey. My main responsibility was providing education to Syrian children who live in Izmir by became teacher in two alternative schools for Syrian refugee. I conducted art classes for almost 3 months. Moreover, my background in Psychology brought me to an opportunity to learn about play therapy approach from my supervisor during the project. The approach was very helpful on helping Syrian children who experienced post-traumatic disorder because of war in their country. In addition, during my senior year in University I also became a part-time teacher and traditional dance instructor in an alternative school for street-kids in Jakarta.
However, I also had experience on helping my cousin to take care of her 4 years old daughter, because their house close to mine. My responsibility was picking her up from school, preparing her lunch, brought her to bad for afternoon nap, accompanied her to traditional dance course and also play with her. In addition, since young age, I have helped my parents to look after my siblings. I was nevertheless much more involved in caring for them on a daily basis, because since junior high school until university my siblings and I stayed separately with our parents. I can comfortably say that I sincerely enjoy spending time with children.

Motivation: Because I want to broaden my experience abroad by working in field that related to child care and/or education, before I continue my study in advance level. I also keen to learn about Dutch languages and culture. I believe being an Au pair will help me become an independent and more responsible person.

Karla Sofia Moreno Concha

Age: 25

Nationality: Mexican

Country of residence: Mexico

Start date: 15.03.2018

Education: Bachelor Degree

Childcare experience: Since I was young I enjoyed taking care of children, I began as a teacher in a sport camp every summer for two years, it was very fun. I oversaw children from 3 to 13 years old.

I was also part of a catholic youth group. I started going when I was 14 years until I was 20 years old. I started going as a normal girl every Saturday and took normal activities such as playing games, learning cultural stuff, make new friends, but also taking courses (leadership, firs aids, culture, etc) to be selected as a “headship”. I got selected and now I had new responsibilities, I oversaw 15 girls between 10 and 13 years old. After being with those girls for 3 years I took more courses and got selected as a “command” with 6 other girls. We oversaw 100 girls between 10 and 15 years old. I really enjoyed being part of the youth group.

When I was doing my bachelor degree. I decided to make social service in a social impact group. This group organized camps for children with family problems between 6 and 11 years old a weekend of every month. It is amazing what you can learn from every child, but I think what I learned the most was patience. Every child is different, and every child is going through difficult moments. It is important to learn how to treat them individually.
I also enjoy taking care of my nieces since they were 1 year old. My sister doesn’t have any children, these nieces are from my cousins and I help them every once in a while when they need support..

Motivation: I really enjoy being around children, it makes me enjoy things the way they do it, everything is a new adventure for them. Also, I like the feeling of knowing that I can teach them things I’ve learned and help them become good persons as an adult. I really hope the children I’ve taken care of have learned something from me as I learned from them.

Being an au pair means taking new responsibilities, I believe these experiences will make me grow as a person.
I believe I have the ability to make a difference in children and with families, also I know I am very eager to learn many things from a different but very interesting culture. I’ve been in Netherlandsbefore as a tourist and people have always treated me in a very nice way. Their cities are beautiful and rich in culture. As a Mexican there are many things people don’t know from us and I would gladly share my traditions and culture as an au pair..

In a future I would like to do a master degree in Europe, my first option is Netherlands.I have a great interest in learning Dutch because I know it will help in my professional career

Nora Ivonne Téllez Pacheco

Age: 25 years old

Nationality: México

Country of residence: México

Start date: 01.07.2018

Education: University

Childcare experience: I like the children, I have experience with children because I was teacher In the church.
Also I working in college, I just to teach courses, boys and girls of middle school.
Also I worked like nanny in my time like student.

I took care boys and girls, since 5 years old-11 years old. We sang, made, crafts, give lunch and learn abouth the bible.

Motivation: I love so much the idea of I can be part other family and be part important in the live of a the kid. Show some of my world and learn from yours; See and know other sites, new cultures, learn others idioms, know new people.

Carolina Gonzalez

Age: 28

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: As soon as possible

Education: Chemical Engineer

Childcare experience: I was an Au Pair in USA during 18 months from 2015 to 2017, where I had the opportunity to work and share awesome experiences with two kids of 4 and 8 years old. My duties with them were helping them with their schoolwork, prepare their favorite meals (I like cooking healthy food), play with them, support them with their language Spanish skills, taking them to the park, to the movie theater, to the museums and pick them up and drop them off to their school and their after school activities. I learned to drive since I was 16, I hold a clean driving record with more than 10 years of driving experience. I hope you can find this skill very useful when you think of someone to help you to get the family around.
Also I babysit during 6 months an one year old American baby boy, who have my heart, I helped him to develop his skills that a baby at his age can learn, such as talking, crawling and walking, I helped him with his language Spanish skills as well.
Further, I have gained experience with children since I was 12 years old after the birth of my little sister. I helped my parents to babysitting her while they were away and also under their supervision at home. Besides, I have helped looking after my friends’s small kids and help them with their schoolwork. I also worked as a volunteer at the Municipal Early Years Learning Playroom in Sopó where my main task was to play with children while helping them to develop learning and cognitive skills.

Motivation: Children are my motivation. Sharing time with kids is always the best plan to do. You can learn from them as they learn from you too. I like their energy, innocence, tenderness and way to see the life. I'm very confident I will be a good Au Pair for your family because I’m a respectful, punctual and responsible person who brings innovative ideas and who really loves children and enjoys meeting new people. Regarding my professional background, I'm a Chemical Engineer and I plan to pursue postgraduate studies I see this opportunity of working for your family as a great time for me to experience the Dutch culture, your awesome country and life style at the same time that I can learn a new language. I will be happy to help them with their English skills, Math, Chemistry and to teach them a new language such as Spanish.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Looking forward to work with you and develope good relationship as an Au Pair and living together as a family.

Juliana Fernandez

Age: 28

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.03.2018

Education: Professional

Childcare experience: Since I was 7 years old, my mom has been organizing a kind of Christmas party for the less fortunate children, so year after year we have been giving them presents, recreation and lunch and we chare a very special moment with them on that day, it’s so gratifying to see that we can put a smile on their faces while they enjoy and play and open the gifts we give them. On the other side, my mom worked in a bank called Davivienda that has foundations in little towns around Colombia, so I have been able to go there and help with the activities that are organized, those activities are focused in special games for kids so that they can also learn while playing.

Motivation: I have always dreamed about the experience of living in another country, and from the very first time I visited Europe, I felt in love with the variety of cultures you can find. I have a very good level in English language but I believe the best way to really learn it is to live in a country where you can practice all the time. I would love to learn costumes from another culture and in return I can teach you everything about how rich the costumes from Colombia are, because right now we are being known for good things such as sports and the joy of our people and not by the bad things the world thought of us.
I’m a very mature girl and I would love to be an example for others, and I have learned that children can teach grown ups so much, such as be happy with simple things, to relearn to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return, to be free and stop worrying about the future or the consequences and enjoy the present. I believe all those things are so important to keep learning to be a better person, so I believe I can be the best big sister you can ask for your kids, the same way I can keep learning from them.

Diana Lorena Diaz Millan

Age: 23

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.04.2018

Education: I’m studying direction and production of audio visual media, I’m in the technological cycle.

Childcare experience: I was caring the daughter of my cousin Jenniffer during 2 years sometimes when she needed my help.

I was caring to the daughter of my ex-boss Marcela during 9 months some weekends and some nights.

I have some projects of audio visual media where I had to work with children’s, the last project was 2 years ago, we had to make a pilot episode for a competition of tv for children’s.

I was working in one of the most popular restaurant of Colombia called Andrés Carne de Res as a headwaite; There I was in the zone where the children's can play with games and activities for them, then I always could play with the children’s and take care of them.

Motivation: I want to do the au pair in Netherlands, for some reasons:

I always been feel interested for the European Culture, especially the dutch culture, full of art, history and beautiful places and live this experiences with the care of the children’s is a great work for me.

Also I want to learn a different language and Netherlands offers the possibility for this.

I want to the host family know about me, my country, about my culture and my language and I think that I could learn a lot about you and the children's and they could learn about me.

I’m Studying direction and production of audio visual media and I like write and make stories, I think that one of the best ways for have new ideas and get more creativity is know a lot of things, meet other cultures, other life style and go out of the comfort zone.


Age: 22

Nationality: Argentina

Country of residence: Argentina

Start date: 01.03.2018

Education: Student of psychology

Childcare experience: I have experience with all ages , with babies from 4 months , 5 years old, 9,10 and 14 years old
Change diapers
Nap time
Light clean

Motivation: I was an au pair in USA and I had a amazing experience with my last host family so this is one of my motivations to continue with this program, I'm so excited to can share a great time with a new family
I have a lot experience with babies toddlers and teenages
I’m creative, active ,open mind ,easy going , independent
I have experience driving manual and automatic car and I consider myself a really good driver
Thanks and regards


Tatiana Osipov

Age: 23

Nationality: Moldovan

Country of residence: Republic of Moldova

Start date: soon as possible

Education: licence Higher Education in Arts

Childcare experience: I have experience with children of different ages, the total amount of hours is over 2500 h. I used to stay with all my nephews and nieces, I babysitted daytime and evening time. My responsabilities were: Personal hygene / giving bath / putting to bed / potty training / dealing with tantrums / preparing food / playing and involving child in activities indoors / playing and involving child in activities outdoors / doing arts and crafts / teaching or tutoring .

Motivation: I like to work with children and want to improve my english and to find out what is the Netherland’s traditions, culture, people. I want to communicate with people from different country and make new friends,

Anastasia Comur

Age: 22

Nationality: Moldovan

Country of residence: Rebublic of Moldova

Start date: 02.07.2018

Education: Licence Higher Education- Tourism

Childcare experience: I was like nanny, babysitting evening, babysitting daytime, care for younger family members, youth or church group summer camp, teaching music.
Total amount of hours is about 2500.
I was playing with the child, putting to bed, involve in activies indoor and outdoor, developping activities, going for walks and other.

Motivation: First of all, I would like to have experience in education field, because I'm future mother. For me this is the
main goal which I follow. Also I would like to explore the culture of the Netherlands people from the inside,
because I'm a tourism worker.