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Fernanda Gomez

Age: 22

Nationality: mexican

Country of residence: mexico

Start Date: puebla

Education: bachelor´s degree

Childcare experience: Hi, my name is Fernanda! I'm 22 years old, I'm looking to be au pair because I already finished my bachelor's degree and i've always wanted to try, I'm the oldest of 4, I have 1 sister and 2 brothers and I took care of them when they were younger, one of my brothers was born when I was 15 so basically I took care of him since my parents worked all the time, I also baby sit my friend's baby, she's 30 and her baby is 2 years old now, I took care of her since she was 3 months old, I really love kids, one day i hope to become a mom, not yet tho! Also I worked in a summer camp called Nesher in 2016, it's located in Pennsylvania, US. I was there about 3 months, my job was housekeeping and sometimes I worked as a baby siter for babies of 2 years to kids of 6, I get along pretty easy with kids, I like to do activities with them and always keep them busy. Also, I love animals, so I would love to baby sit pets as well :).
The reason why I'm applying to be au pair it's because I've always wanted to do it but I had to finish my studies first, and now I think it's a good opportunity.

Motivation: Since I already finish my studies, my biggest dream would be to travel the world, meet new people, see new places, learn other languages, and be happy where ever I go.

Liza pheiffer

Age: 20

Nationality: south African citizen

Country of residence: South Africa

Start Date: 01.02.2019

Education: Secondary education

Childcare experience: I use to help out by a home for disabled children called shean Kelly in Worcester , I'm also very good with my younger nephew Liam , he is 4 jears old .

Motivation: I would really like to do this I feel like it will help me grow into an independent person .I love children and like the idea of travel and this will allow me to do both .I would really like to live in a different place to learn about other cultures

Yuliya Kolycheva

Age: 22

Nationality: Ukraine

Country of residence: Ukraine

Start Date: 01.03.2019

Education: Higher education, law field

Childcare experience: I took care of boy and girls different ages. My experience with kids is 1120 hours during 1,2 year. I have reference letters from previous families, where I worked as a babysitter.
In these families I watched children, dressed them, played with them, ironed, cooked food sometimes, some food shopping.

Motivation: I want to spend an unforgettable year in an European country. I really want to improve my English, and also to learn another European language, to see the world and find new friends, to get acquainted with the new culture and traditions.

María Alejandra Rojas Escobar

Age: 23

Nationality: Colombiana

Country of residence: Duitama

Start Date: 13.02.2019

Education: professional. I am sociologyst.

Childcare experience: I have experience in child care with ages from six months old to twelve years, both girls and boys. In 2013, I took care of Tomas, he was eight years old and I took care of him while his mother was working. I bathed him, dressed him, fed him prepared, and I read him stories until he fell asleep. After that, I took care of Antonia, she was three years old. I gave her lunch; I helped with her hygiene habits, also with her homework. Also, I took care of Guadalupe, she was six months old and I took care of her while her parents worked. I used to play with her, prepared her bottle and, if necessary, changed her diaper. I took care of her for 4 hours a day. When my aunts or my mother’s friends didn’t have anyone to leave their children with, they called me.
I was also a volunteer in two kindergartens, there were 13 children, I helped in the moments of recreation, I played, sang, danced and learned with them. I teach them the vowels, some children's rounds and to eat alone, I also help with their cleanliness and personal presentation.
I was Au pair en EEUU, But for different reasons I had to return to Colombia. I looked after two children, a girl of 4 years and a boy of 7 years. My relationship with them was excellent.

Motivation: I want to know other cultures, to learn from them, to find new people. Share my knowledge and customs with other people. I think than is an exchange of many things.


Age: 23

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start Date: 10.07.2019

Education: Bachelors of Secondary Education

Childcare experience: About my work experience when I was still studying. I looked after 2 kids ages 2-3. I'm with them 3-6 hours a day.

Motivation: I’m open minded and responsible person. I am a fun and outgoing person who has a little bit of child at heart still! I am very conscientious of others needs and will try my best at everything I do.
I am a strong willed, trustworthy individual who likes to get a job done. I believe I get on well with children and have a good understanding of their needs but also know how to keep good behavior and give praise when it is necessary.
Through my experience I have gained a good insight into childcare and ways to put their needs, safety and behavior first. I would love to find a very nice host family that would like to welcome me into their families.

Jessica Hilton

Age: 19

Nationality: Australia

Country of residence: Australia

Start Date: 01.12.2019

Education: Studying to be a Chiropracter

Childcare experience: I’m very bubbly, friendly and always trying to be positive when it comes to situations and new experiences. I have just lived away for a year in Spain where I got to experience things I never thought I would ever have the chance to do and this opened my mind up to different opportunities. during my time in Spain I lived in a family of 5 with 2 children and they soon became my best friends as we would always spend time playing soccer or simple things such as cooking. In Spain I also offered English classes for little kids and just the look on their faces when they finally understood some English science and the fun activities we were able to do made me consider becoming a au pair. In Australia I’ve always been the one to want to try everything. usually in my free time I surf, do yoga and jiujistu and after living in Spain and not knowing any Spanish at the start to now being a B2 level I would love to learn a new language!

Motivation: To become an au pair for me is counted as a life experience and not a job. The experience I hope to get from living in a new country and living with a new family is what makes me excited. I’ve always been a little bit of a kid always wanting to take part in their activities and help them out so why not do it as a job! I know children can be hard sometimes but it’s the reward you get from those hard times is what makes me want to work with kids because it’s a new experience with new opportunities.

Cristioglo Ivanna

Age: 23

Nationality: Moldovan

Country of residence: Moldova

Start Date: 15.07.2019

Education: Civil engineering

Childcare experience: Summer camps - 3 months, children about 5-12 years old;
Care for nethews - 2 years, children 3 and 9 years old.

Motivation: I love to spend time with children and to take care of them, they bring me a lot of happiness. Also I wanna improve my English skills and visit a new beautiful country.

Ekaterina Paramonova

Age: 19

Nationality: Russian

Country of residence: Russia

Start Date: 27.08.2019

Education: secondary general education

Childcare experience: I constantly help my brother with his baby. I bring up, take care, sit on weekends. I am with my nephew from the first days of birth, now he is 3 years old. I was always surrounded by children and I helped take care of them. The school was a little experience, I conducted lessons. I know all the basic information about caring for children. I like to spend time with them and teach them something or play

Motivation: I want to know a different culture, this is an amazing experience for me. I love to learn new things and find myself in a new environment with new rules. I also want to learn Dutch. I already lived on my own but it was in Russia, now I want to be even more independent. I want to be part of the family, I want to know their routine, activities. I have a big motivation to be an au pair, this is the best that I have ever found for me. This is a completely different, interesting life, which will also motivate me to study languages ​​and cultures.

Estefanía Quintero Cardona

Age: 25

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Belgium

Start Date: 06.01.2020

Education: University

Childcare experience: I have a lot of experience in childcare, I was an au pair in the United States two years ago and I am currently an au pair in Belgium, I look after two beautiful children of 5 and 8 years old.

Motivation: I would like to continue exploring the world, continue learning from new cultures and what better way to do it than with a host family that allows me to learn about their culture, their family and their children, while I take care of them and learn from each other.

Maria Jose Dominguez

Age: 22

Nationality: Mexican

Country of residence: Mexico

Start Date: 08.08.2019

Education: University

Childcare experience: I must say that my experience with children is not much but helping my sisters and cousin with their babys has been a good start, I've learned a lot about patience and tolerance and it's always amazing to see how they learn new things.
I've been babysitting my nieces (1, 3, 5 yo) and it's been a very good experience.

Motivation: For me babysitting means learning from each other and I would love to have the experience of sharing my knowledge and the culture of my country, also I'm looking forward to improving my English and I think this is the best way to do it.

Jessica Rojas

Age: 24

Nationality: colombian

Country of residence: USA

Start Date: 01.03.2020

Education: undergraduate degree

Childcare experience: I am currently an AuPair in Washington DC. I have been here for 18 months and I finish in February. I take care of three kids (5, 8 and 11 years old). They are so lovely, smart and they like sports. I prepare their meals, I drop them off and pick them up from their school and activities, I do the groceries, I spend time with them, we play boardgames, go to movies, read books, I help them with their homework and I do their laundry.

Motivation: As a student of Modern Languages, I would like to improve my languages skills and learn a new one. I would like to live in Europe because I could have a new experience and learn about history and new cultures. I could get all of this through a job that I love to do. I love children and this program has been very complete and efficient for all my goals.

Yojina Katuwal

Age: 24 years old

Nationality: Nepalese

Country of residence: Nepal

Start Date: As soon as possible

Education: Higher Secondary Education (+2)

Childcare experience: I have worked for 4 years and 3 months as a Primary Level Teacher for the age group of 4 to 11 years old in Bishnu Memorial Boarding School . i love to teach extra activities which can help children to develop mentally and physically .

Motivation: Dear Host Family,
my name is Yojina , but my family and close friends used to call me Alina and i am 24 years old Nepali Girl. I finished my Higher secondary education in Management . I am a person with initiative,creative mind, fun to be with, full of stories, simple and loves to be with Kids. I also know how to ride.
I have a family that is so wacky ,sweet,supportive and loving . They sharpened me as who and what i am now. I grew up in a simple yet big family with four siblings, where i learned how to do Household chores and most especially take care of my younger brother ,cousins and sister. My Father do have certain family Business where as my Mother is a Plain Housewife and was the one left to raise us. i am interested on cooking . In addition, i love to do arts, most especially drawing ,sketching , a little painting ,scrapbooks and making handicrafts. I usually do customized cards for my love ones especially during special occasions because i believe it is more appreciated than buying from the store. I don't usually play sports but i love playing basket ball and sometime football and i like watching volleyball and Badminton on Tv. I also love reading books during my free time, moreover, i am not an expert cook but i can cook a little Nepali dishes which i learnt from my mother and i am willing to learn more about cooking.
At the early age , i developed my sense of responsibility for other people especially for young family members because my mother is busy cooking and doing some stuffs inside the house . I am the one in charge of them especially if their mother is not around or very Busy in their business. until certain period , somehow i was their Babysitter . It's really fulfilling to take care a child because it makes me feel young being with them . There i learned how to feed them in the bottle,wash and dress them, and change their Diapers. I also tutor my cousins in their Studies. There i made a plan of being an Aupair , why not use my capabilities of being with children as well as sharing with them the culture,traditions and language from my Home country . I love doing it. well as to share my experience in childcare i do have 4 years and 3 months of teaching experience and due to teaching profession also has motivated me to be a good Au Pair. I dream to go abroad and visit many countries because i always wanted to experience different cultures, meet various Kinds of people and learn more languages. good thing my family is always there to support me in every decision i make. i really hope to see the other side of the world especially the western part of the globe. Europe has always been on my top list ever since. Being an Au pair, I think , is the best way to make it happen in an easy way.
After one year of full of memories and story to share i will return back to my home country nepal and i will utilize my memories and story as in reality way which can help me to open doors of opportunities.
Hoping for your Kind Consideration.
your sincerely
yojina Katuwal