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Krisna Putri Febrianti

Age: 20

Nationality: Indonesian

Country of residence: Indonesia

Start date: 01.08.2018

Education: Third school

Childcare experience: I've been babysitting my niece for 1 year. I always learn her ABC, how to write and how to draw. Read her a story. And listen to kids song with her. And now she is 1,5 years and can talk so many things. And she is so smart and cheerful little girl.

Motivation: I really want to be an au pair because I really love kids. And I want to learn new cultures and new languages. Also helping people is really what I love to do.

Adaluz Maria Sanguino Bonet

Age: 25 years old

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Cololmbia

Start date: 10.08.2018

Education: Journalism Degree

Childcare experience: I have experience in child care since I was 17 years old. I enjoy to work especially with babies but in general I am so happy working caring children with different ages.

Children Experience:
I have had experience working with children of different ages.

Position: Nany
Time working: 24 months
Children Number: 2
Children ages: 1 and 3 years old
Duties: Laundry, bedtime, bath time, meals preparation, homework, crafts, activities, play time, changing diapers, baby bottles preparation, spoon food, play dates, help one of them to go to the bathroom, read books, painting, puzzels

Position: Nany
Time working: 18 months
Children Number: 1
Children ages: 8 months
Duties: Laundry, bedtime, bath time, meals preparation, homework, activities, early stimulation,read books, changing diapers, baby bottles preparation, spoon Food,

Position: Babysitter
Time working: occasionally (per hours)
Children ages: between 2 and 7 years old.
Duties: Bedtime, bath time, meals preparation, activities out of home, changing diapers, baby bottles preparation, play dates, puzzles, table games, read books, painting.

Position: ersonal English teacher
Time working: 8 months
children number:5
Children ages: between 7 and 12 years old.
Duties: schoolwork, activities, snaks.

Position: Teacher Assistant in a kinder Garden
Time working: 6months
Children Number:15
Children ages: between 3 and 4 years old.
Duties: schoolwork, group activities, basic learning (Colors, vowels, numbers, animals), painting, read books, puzzles, table games.

United States
Position: Aupair
Time working: 12 months
Children Number: 1
Children ages: 11 years old
Duties: schoolwork, homework, laundry, take her to the bus Stop, crafts, playdates, meal preparation, table games, read books, activities out of home.

Motivation: I am a curious person about different cultures. I had the oportunity be aupair for a year in United States. I lived an incredible adventure, where I worked, studied and traveled
I am very friendly, confident, flexible, and adaptable, committed with my job and with my personal goals.
After my great experience in States I have decided to become an Aupair again, but this time in Europe. So I am looking for a warm, friendly, respectful, and nice family where we can help each other. I would like feel like I am as another family member, and also I would love to make you all feel hat I am really commited with your family taking care of your kids and being really helpful as I have done in my previous families.
Good communication and support from both sides is very important, in this way we are going to have an excellent experience together.
I would like to join with you in August but if you need me before this date I would not any problem changing it.

Monica Vargas

Age: 26

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.05.2018

Education: university

Childcare experience: I especially like childcare since a very early age. I had the opportunity to be an au pair in Germany the last year. I have to look at the children some friends and relatives. Since I was fifteen years old. I have experience in childcare from 1 to 13 years. I have been in the area of ​​new creation for over three years in multi-family homes worked, by activities as: dolls in plasticine, drawing, dancing, children feeding and when we went to swimming pool, I helped to wear them and I have brought swimming.

Motivation: My expectation as an au pair is primarily babysitter, learn and enjoy the culture, learn the language, and enjoy the country.

Paula Andrea Zárate Cortés

Age: 23

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Germany

Start date: 09.09.2018

Education: Professional in Social Communication

Childcare experience: Dear family,
My name is Paula Andrea Zarate, I am 23 years old and I am from Bucaramanga, Colombia. I studied Social Communication in Bogotá, and i finished this study one year ago. Currently im being Aupair in Germany. I have had experience working with children since I was 14, because I accompanied my dad to many of the activities with children from his work. Later, during my last grade of school, I decided to do my social service in a kindergarten between 4 and 7 years old. In addition, I have offered to care for some of the children of people I know, such as my cousin, who has a 5-year-old son named Emilio; and some friends of my parents, so my experience has been with children between 2 and 8 years. And of course, actually im taking care of two kids who are 1 and 3.

Motivation: I am very interested in living this experience, since I believe that because it is a culture different from mine, it will enrich me personally and humanly, as well as allowing me to offer all my support and support to the family that I consider appropriate to carry out this work. I am a responsible person, and I like to fulfill the objectives that I have drawn; On the other hand I am cheerful, patient and I like to learn constantly, since I consider that this is the meaning of life. In the other hand, my first aupair experience have been very grateful and I would like to repeat it.

I would like very much to know you and to have the chance of introduce myself in a broader way, and to be able to answer any question that may arise in you.

Borova Mariia

Age: 23

Nationality: Ukrainian

Country of residence: Ukraine

Start date: June-July 2018

Education:  2012-2016. National university of Ostroh academy. Historian, teacher of history. Bachelor’s degree.  2016-2018. Ukrainian Catholic University. Historian, teacher of history. Master’s degree.

Childcare experience: Since I was in Elementary school, I was taking care of my friend's sister – Roksolana (from her birthday and her childhood till todays) She is now 15 years old. We walked a lot and cycled, played (made puzzles, cooked, played dolls, made for doll clothes), often watched cartoons and read fairy tales, made homework.
The experience of volunteering in the summer camp at the church, where I worked as an animator with children aged 4 to 16 with different thoughts, worldviews, and characters. Every day we played interactive and logical games, quests, walks to the forest and to the river, outdoor picnics, talking at the fire, sports games in teams, learning songs, training hours, costume parties and a tour. In addition, during the year we organized staged and theatrical performances for the holidays.
Now I help my cousin to take care of two-year-old twins - a boy Vladislav, and a girl Yarina. I try to teach them to speak new words, letters, sounds of animals, read a lot in Ukrainian and English, see developing cartoons, play in the yard, when I put them to sleep singing to them lullabies, dancing and doing exercises.

Motivation: For me, the Au-Pair program is an opportunity to gain my experience as a teacher, and to become an older sister for children and a good friend for the whole family. I have the desire to discover new knowledge about the country, culture and family, to see and experience new emotions and feelings, to improve my language level and to learn a new language.
During this year I will try to find out as much as possible about the mentality and interesting facts about the inhabitants of this country, to use my free time to study the language and travel the country's historical places.
The first goal of all is to become a real member of a new family and a faithful friend to parents and children.

Lina Maria Zarate

Age: 26 años

Nationality: Colombiana

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.08.2018

Education: Profesional Universitario

Childcare experience: I have had experience working with children since I was 14, because I accompanied my dad to many of the activities with children from his work. Later, when I was 15 I volunteered in a Kindergarten with my best friend during the holidays. In addition, I have offered to care for some of the children of people I know, such as my cousin, who has a 5-year-old son named Emilio; and some friends of my parents. So my experience has been with children between 2 and 8 years.

Motivation: I am very interested in this experience since I believe that living in a different culture from mine, will enrich me personally and humanly. As well as allowing me to offer all my support to the family that I consider appropriate to carry out this work. I am a responsible person, and I like to fulfill the objectives that I have drawn; On the other hand I am cheerful, patient and I like to learn constantly, since I consider that this is the meaning of life.
I would like to improve my English and maybe make a Master when I reach a higher english level.

Jessica Priscilla Lopes da silva

Age: 26

Nationality: Brazilian

Country of residence: Brazil

Start date: 01.08.2018

Education: college degree

Childcare experience: I was a full time Au Pair in U.S. for 1 year for the same family. There I lived with an awesome host family and I took care of 2 amazing boys! In their routine I would help with their laundry, cooking their meals, giving them baths and everything co-related to them. We had a wonderful time together, and they truly became my family as well! I also have a lot of other experiences and great references as you can see in my Au Pair Profile.

Motivation: I love to learn more about the culture and new countries.

Katterin Galan

Age: 27

Nationality: Colombia

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.08.2018

Education: I am a psychologist

Childcare experience: While I was in college, I had several children under my responsibility in a school to whom I gave talks about teamwork and it was an incredible opportunity because I played with the children. I was an au pair in the United States of two beautiful children.

Motivation: My motivation is to meet a loving family in Netherlands where I can collaborate in the care of children, because I am very tolerant and active with children. I would like to be part of the family, so we can share about the culture of each country. My other objective is to know that beautiful country, improve my English level and have an excellent life experience


Age: 26

Nationality: Brazilian

Country of residence: Brazil

Start date: 14.07.2018

Education: Undergraduate Degree in Librarianship

Childcare experience: In 2016 and 2017 I worked as a nanny and took care of 2 children(one girl 1 year old and 2 years old) in different families. While their parents were working, my duties were:

- cooking/preparing food
- feeding and burping a baby
- puttying a baby to bed
- changing a diaper
- dressing children
- playing with an envolving children in activities
- putting down for naps
- laundry
- bathing and everything related to the children.

I loved this experience because we learn so much with them, they're smart and curious everything around them.

Motivation: Hello dear host families, looking for an new au pair?

I am 26 and I am from Brazil. I'm study Librarianship.
I am responsible, honest, friendly. I also like things to be organized and like tidiness. I took care about kids all ages (especially babies from 1-2 years old) I am infant qualified. I also have a good reference from my previous nanny jobs.

I want to be an au pair because I love to be envolved with chidlren and have the opportunity to contribute with them development show to me how much I learn of them. I don't see au pair just a job and I know as well there's time for everything. I' can be only fun time and joy. There are working hours, play hours, realx time and everything has a system, rules, schedules, so it can work for all of us and have an easy, great time.

What I am looking for:

- A relaxed easygoing family that respects my free time and understands my desire for travel
- A friendly family that believes in fun but also to give their children some boundaries
- A family I can hang out with but equally doesn’t mind me spending time on my own or with friends.

My favorite hobbies are:
- watch movies and series, read book, listen music,visit musuem, art gallery and do activities outdoor.
One of my talents is cook health food and this is part of my healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about me or If I sound like I could be a match for you please feel free to contact me.
I'm available to talk by chat or email or we can meet up if possible.
Please feel free to contact me.


Age: 23

Nationality: ukrainian

Country of residence: Ukraine

Start date: 01.07.2018

Education: master

Childcare experience: I have a master's degree in music (play piano and can teach your child;)). For five years I've worked with children. I easily find a common language with them.

Motivation: Hello, my name is Kateryna. Why am I here? Because I'm trying to find a fun and loving family to help out with and I'm looking forward to getting a new experience in a different country :)
I am passionate about exploring all corners of our world and learning about new cultures and languages. I would love to find a family that I would be able to feel at home with.
If you want to know something about Ukraine and it culture and get to know me, I'd like to become a part of your family!

Keren Matute

Age: 24

Nationality: Venezuelan

Country of residence: Venezuela

Start date: 05.11.2018

Education: Degree

Childcare experience: Since I was teenager I have always been taking care of my little cousins and when I started university, I moved to another city I live about five years with two beautiful little girls (one was 2 years when O arrived and the other little one was born two years later). I took care of them, preparing their food, playing with them, doing crafts together, taking then and picky them up from the school and ballet class.

Motivation: I think that children are incredible, smart and curios by nature. Over time, with the children I have care for, I learned the wonderful things a children can do when they feel support from someone older. It’s a joy for me to see looks of self-confidence, when they really believe that they’re capable of everything, the fact of only having contributed with a word of encourageent, kind word, love, small things that make bif difference in their lives, and they responde of that way, is a personal achievements that I have had the pleasure of living and I would like to continue living. That’s why the idea of being an Au Pair, since it combines things that I love and enjoy, children and learning a new language and culture.

Fernanda Gomez

Age: 22

Nationality: mexican

Country of residence: mexico

Start date: puebla

Education: bachelor´s degree

Childcare experience: Hi, my name is Fernanda! I'm 22 years old, I'm looking to be au pair because I already finished my bachelor's degree and i've always wanted to try, I'm the oldest of 4, I have 1 sister and 2 brothers and I took care of them when they were younger, one of my brothers was born when I was 15 so basically I took care of him since my parents worked all the time, I also baby sit my friend's baby, she's 30 and her baby is 2 years old now, I took care of her since she was 3 months old, I really love kids, one day i hope to become a mom, not yet tho! Also I worked in a summer camp called Nesher in 2016, it's located in Pennsylvania, US. I was there about 3 months, my job was housekeeping and sometimes I worked as a baby siter for babies of 2 years to kids of 6, I get along pretty easy with kids, I like to do activities with them and always keep them busy. Also, I love animals, so I would love to baby sit pets as well :).
The reason why I'm applying to be au pair it's because I've always wanted to do it but I had to finish my studies first, and now I think it's a good opportunity.

Motivation: Since I already finish my studies, my biggest dream would be to travel the world, meet new people, see new places, learn other languages, and be happy where ever I go.


Age: 24

Nationality: Ukrainian

Country of residence: Ukraine

Start date: 15.09.2018

Education: Bachelor Diploma (Management)

Childcare experience: In Odesa I helped two families with their children. First family consists of a single mother Olga and her two wonderful children – Misha (5 years old) and Sonya (6 years old). We have become really good friends. We played games, did sports, had passion for arts and crafts, went for long walks. I took them to and from school, to the language and dance classes, sometimes helped them with homework. Misha and Sonya are very smart, cheerful and open-minded children.
Second family consists of father Denis, mother Tatyana and their daughter Lera (1,5 years old). I had been taking care of Lera for about 1,5 years. When I stayed with Lera we usually played interesting and interactive games, went for a walk, played on the playground in a company of other children. I have also an experience to change diapers, prepare baby bottles, clean up after a baby, put a baby to bed. Lera is very interesting and lovely girl.
When I visit my cousin Olya who lives in Minsk (Belarus) and stay in her family house for a few weeks, I like to take care of her two little daughters – Polina (4 years old) and Vlada (1 year old). I have an experience to bath and dress the children, take Polina to and from preschool, prepare baby bottles for Vlada and food for Polina, do arts and crafts, draw, read books, play sports, play educational games with both Polina and Vlada, clean up after children, go for a long walk and put children to bed.

Motivation: For me kids are the brightest creatures in our lives. When I spend time with children I always respect them and support their individuality. I try to make children’s pastime lively and exciting, full of interesting games and activities. I have decided to become an Au Pair, because it’s a wonderful chance to get a great childcare experience, to know more about the culture of the Netherlands and to share my culture with the host family.

Maria Isabel Benitez Morales

Age: 24

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 04.02.2019

Education: Professional Recreation

Childcare experience: I had lots of experience taking care of children.
I was an audience pair in USA and I had a great experience.
My current job is to play with kids and teach them abilities through games and ludic.

Since I was 15 I been around kids, my professional practice and my jobs had been with kids.

I like to be around them, teach them and enjoy the fun and good things they can teach me with theirs imagination and intelligence.

My au pair experience in USA was so grateful and awose and I still have connection with Lucas my host child.

Motivation: Being an au pair i a great opportunity to be in.other culture, share with familiars about your, learn a language and share wit kids that need somebody who take care of them with love and share them that life and the world is full.of culture and different.

I would love to be an au pair again but this time in a country I have always dreamed about it. I know I can have a great experience and support a family who wants a great experience too.

Ilma Nurfalah

Age: 19

Nationality: Indonesian

Country of residence: Indonesian

Start date: 01.03.2019

Education: High School Graduated (Gap Year)

Childcare experience: I’m in my gap year after finishing my high school diploma in 2017.

I have 3 younger sisters. They are growing up now, but still cute and unique with their each own personality.

I’ve ever done volunteering for a month in one of pre school in my town. There are 1 year old toodler until 6 years old ready for school.

I feel enjoyed being aroung kids.

I used to be in it with my sisterhood background and some experience.

Motivation: I find Au Pair Program suit my personality, my young period of life, and to see more good people to gather with.

I want to join something new before continuing my study.

I am an open minded person. Open for critic for self improving to be better youth.

My hobby is reading, sometime trying simple recipes. I also like music and have right sense of melody.

Actually I’ll be ready in March 2019 due to language class, but I can do Visa and other preparation business before that. We can discuss if you want it to be a bit sooner.

Thank You


Age: 23

Nationality: Malagasy

Country of residence: Madagascar

Start date: december

Education: bachelor in communication

Childcare experience: I just finished my year as an aupair in Antwerp Belgium last august, from september 2017 till August 2018 i took care of 3 littles boys. The main thing i had to do was teaching them French as they were only speaking Dutch.
My tasks consisted in preparing breakfast for them in the Morning and Driving them to school, After my language courses i do groceries, in the Afternoon i pick them up from school and play a little bit with them before making dinner as i do like cooking. I also help them to tidy their playroom up and iron their school uniforms.
Sometimes, i put them to bed just after we read a french book.
I can provide you a reference from my former host family and a certficate for my language courses.

Motivation: I wish to become an au pair in the Netherlands to get a good understanding of Dutch culture and traditions. As I mentioned above, I already have a basic knwoledge of Dutch as I took a 4 months class, besides I lived with a Dutch speaking family and had few friends so that was a great language immersion experience for me. Being an au pair will allow me to learn and speak the language fluently and make it possible for me to experience the Dutch way of living.
Moreover, being an aupair in belgium allowed me to grow a lot as a person, I am now more independent and more mature than I was before.
In my free time I plan to explore the touristic areas in the Netherlands that I haven’t seen yet.