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Fernanda Gomez

Age: 22

Nationality: mexican

Country of residence: mexico

Start date: puebla

Education: bachelor´s degree

Childcare experience: Hi, my name is Fernanda! I'm 22 years old, I'm looking to be au pair because I already finished my bachelor's degree and i've always wanted to try, I'm the oldest of 4, I have 1 sister and 2 brothers and I took care of them when they were younger, one of my brothers was born when I was 15 so basically I took care of him since my parents worked all the time, I also baby sit my friend's baby, she's 30 and her baby is 2 years old now, I took care of her since she was 3 months old, I really love kids, one day i hope to become a mom, not yet tho! Also I worked in a summer camp called Nesher in 2016, it's located in Pennsylvania, US. I was there about 3 months, my job was housekeeping and sometimes I worked as a baby siter for babies of 2 years to kids of 6, I get along pretty easy with kids, I like to do activities with them and always keep them busy. Also, I love animals, so I would love to baby sit pets as well :).
The reason why I'm applying to be au pair it's because I've always wanted to do it but I had to finish my studies first, and now I think it's a good opportunity.

Motivation: Since I already finish my studies, my biggest dream would be to travel the world, meet new people, see new places, learn other languages, and be happy where ever I go.

Maria Isabel Benitez Morales

Age: 24

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 04.02.2019

Education: Professional Recreation

Childcare experience: I had lots of experience taking care of children.
I was an audience pair in USA and I had a great experience.
My current job is to play with kids and teach them abilities through games and ludic.

Since I was 15 I been around kids, my professional practice and my jobs had been with kids.

I like to be around them, teach them and enjoy the fun and good things they can teach me with theirs imagination and intelligence.

My au pair experience in USA was so grateful and awose and I still have connection with Lucas my host child.

Motivation: Being an au pair i a great opportunity to be in.other culture, share with familiars about your, learn a language and share wit kids that need somebody who take care of them with love and share them that life and the world is full.of culture and different.

I would love to be an au pair again but this time in a country I have always dreamed about it. I know I can have a great experience and support a family who wants a great experience too.


Age: 23

Nationality: Malagasy

Country of residence: Madagascar

Start date: december

Education: bachelor in communication

Childcare experience: I just finished my year as an aupair in Antwerp Belgium last august, from september 2017 till August 2018 i took care of 3 littles boys. The main thing i had to do was teaching them French as they were only speaking Dutch.
My tasks consisted in preparing breakfast for them in the Morning and Driving them to school, After my language courses i do groceries, in the Afternoon i pick them up from school and play a little bit with them before making dinner as i do like cooking. I also help them to tidy their playroom up and iron their school uniforms.
Sometimes, i put them to bed just after we read a french book.
I can provide you a reference from my former host family and a certficate for my language courses.

Motivation: I wish to become an au pair in the Netherlands to get a good understanding of Dutch culture and traditions. As I mentioned above, I already have a basic knwoledge of Dutch as I took a 4 months class, besides I lived with a Dutch speaking family and had few friends so that was a great language immersion experience for me. Being an au pair will allow me to learn and speak the language fluently and make it possible for me to experience the Dutch way of living.
Moreover, being an aupair in belgium allowed me to grow a lot as a person, I am now more independent and more mature than I was before.
In my free time I plan to explore the touristic areas in the Netherlands that I haven’t seen yet.

Sofia Gonzalez

Age: 23

Nationality: Spanish

Country of residence: Spain

Start date: 01.12.2018

Education: Medicine student

Childcare experience: I have two little brothers and I usted to take care of them but I haven't got paid experience.
I also have done an intership in the pediatric department of Hospital la Paz de Madrid (with babys)

Motivation: Hi! My name is Sofía and I am a 23 year old girl from Spain. The past 5 years of my life I studied medicine in Madrid (I'm not done yet, is a 6 year degree) but right now I'm in the middle of a sabbatical year and I want to use It to learn dutch.
I want to be an Aupair because: I think is a great way of learning a new languge, it allows you to learn the culture and how is really life in Holland (not only the turistic point of view) and because I love kids and would enjoy very much working with kids.


Age: 28

Nationality: Mexican

Country of residence: México

Start date: 21.05.2019

Education: University

Childcare experience: * I worked as a baby sister since 15 years old (3 years) and currently in special ocations.
*I impart paint and handicraft summer classes for 2 months this year, (Kids between 3 to 7 years old).
*I´m currently English teacher 2 days per week for kids between 3 to 15 years old.
*I had the opportunity to work with kids like baby born, kids and teenagers, in a photo studio where I did my intership from 5 months this year.

Motivation: These past years working with kids I learned a lot , were the most fun, creative and where I have learned the most, more than a job it was a very nice experience and it filled my soul and heart.

I’ve had my own business which has allowed me to grow in all aspects of life. At this point in my life, I seek the opportunity to contribute humanistic values instead of obtaining monetary gains which will cultivate me more.

I would love to take care of children throughout the art, creativity, and teaching languages ​​because It´s my passion and I enjoy it a lot. I am impressed by the power of learning about children, the way they view life, thats is why i would like to experience this opportunity at least once in my life.

Liezel Dreyer

Age: 23

Nationality: South African

Country of residence: South Africa

Start date: 01.02.2019

Education: Matric and Final year of BA degree

Childcare experience: I have looked after children of different ages. Last year i volunteered at a baby home where i assisted the child care workers with feeding the infants and toddlers, putting them to sleep, cuddling with them, reading to them and playing with them. When i was between the ages of 15 and 16 I worked part time for a place where children could come play and do art work etc. I always assist my little cousins with their homework or any other activities where my help is needed. There has been various instances where I had to babysit for family and friends.

Motivation: The most important motivational aspect about being an Au pair is to work with children. It gives me great joy to learn the different aspects and developmental stages that they go through and to be a part of their life and their growth. This is also a stepping stone to one day finalize my degree in child psychology. Another motivational aspect would be that I would get to travel abroad and earn the cultures and the environment of the host family and vice versa. It would be a great pleasure for me to make a difference and be of great assistance in the lives of my host family especially where the children is concerned.

Megan Smith

Age: 18

Nationality: canadian

Country of residence: Canada

Start date: between july 1st and september

Education: high school diploma, course in babysitting, partially completed college in literature and communications

Childcare experience: I was raised with my mom who is a nurse with babies and that is when I started learning about caring for children.
- at the age of 12, I did my babysitting course and then started to babysit:
- from 2012 to 2017: two little girls in the evening I would play with them then put them to bed
- from 2013 to 2015: I would take care of the 5 to 7 yr olds in the school bus
- 2013 to 2015: babysitting 2 little girls from my school
- 2016: 1 day internship in a daycare
- summer 2015: contract for a summer for two boys who were my neighbour
- summer 2016: contract to babysit a little 9 yr old girl with a broken leg and her 2 older brothers
- 2016: babysitting a 1 yr old little girl: feeding, changing the diaper, putting to bed
- 2016: babysitting 1 yr old twins during the day
- I animated a scholar activity to learn English to 7 and 8 yrs old
- I gave skating lessons to a 9 yr old
- 1 day internship in a specialized education school that uses sign language (i speak sign language, baby sign language, French and English, I have a base Spanish and 1 yr of German classes)

Motivation: I have always loved children. Since I am a kid I love to play with younger kids. When I turned 12, I did my babysitting class and have been babysitting since then. The kids I have babysat have always loved it. I love being very hands on. I will bring crafts, science experiments, new board games. I will go outside and run with the kids. I get dirty in the sand. I absolutely love seeing their smiles. I want to be an elementary school teacher and this experience would be awesome. It mixes two of my favourite interests. Being an au pair in the Netherlands also would let me experience this new culture. I love discovering new things and understanding other cultures.

. A couple years ago, I babysat two young boys of 6 and 8 years old for a whole summer. Every day, I would bring something different to do with the children, for example cooking, a science experiment, a treasure hunt or outside water games. I have been babysitting since I am 12 years old. At that age I did the class to become a babysitter and passed the exam. Through the years, I have babysat many kids and have always had positive feedback. Three years ago, I did a one-day internship in a special education school where I helped students with disabilities who used sign language. At the age of 14, I animated a class with a teacher to help French speaking children learn English. I would create activities and use songs to make the learning more fun. I love finding new ways of teaching material to children. I love making learning a fun experience and sharing my love for education with them. I want to be an elementary school teacher, after being an au pair. I want to be an au pair because I believe it is an amazing experience.

Adriana Paola Navarro Reyes

Age: 25 years

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Sweden

Start date: 01.02.2019

Education: Graduate degree

Childcare experience: I have experience taking care of children before graduating from college I worked as nanny caring for babies, When I was studying I had to work so I did as a teacher of Physics and Mathematics, after college I continued working as a teacher, of Physics, math, computer systems and Robotics, now in Sweden I work as an Aupair, but also sometimes I work as a nanny taking care of children for hours and teaching Spanish to a two year old girl.

Motivation: I want to be au pair because I have affinity and experience with children I like to work with them and it is something that makes me happy.
I think this serves a lot to change the perspective of life and grow as a person, so I think I am a good au pair, I have the will and the desire to know new opportunities, my family and my friends say that I am a very maternal, Responsible and affectionate, besides, I love children.
I consider it a wonderful experience to have a closer relationship with the culture of a country.

Liza pheiffer

Age: 20

Nationality: south African citizen

Country of residence: South Africa

Start date: 01.02.2019

Education: Secondary education

Childcare experience: I use to help out by a home for disabled children called shean Kelly in Worcester , I'm also very good with my younger nephew Liam , he is 4 jears old .

Motivation: I would really like to do this I feel like it will help me grow into an independent person .I love children and like the idea of travel and this will allow me to do both .I would really like to live in a different place to learn about other cultures

Yuliya Kolycheva

Age: 22

Nationality: Ukraine

Country of residence: Ukraine

Start date: 01.03.2019

Education: Higher education, law field

Childcare experience: I took care of boy and girls different ages. My experience with kids is 1120 hours during 1,2 year. I have reference letters from previous families, where I worked as a babysitter.
In these families I watched children, dressed them, played with them, ironed, cooked food sometimes, some food shopping.

Motivation: I want to spend an unforgettable year in an European country. I really want to improve my English, and also to learn another European language, to see the world and find new friends, to get acquainted with the new culture and traditions.

Engelle Lajom

Age: 22

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 26.01.2019

Education: College graduate

Childcare experience: I have taken care of infant as young as a day old right after my high school graduation and until now i part time babysit him, he is 6 years old now. During my college, I part-time babysit a 9 years old girl and her dogs, also brothers ages 3 and 10.

Motivation: What keeps me motivated is my passion to meet people with a positive outlook in life or share positivity to people.

Karen Manimtim

Age: 24

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 19.02.2019

Education: College

Childcare experience: I was babysitter for 2 years here in the Philippines. I can sing and dance and I'm really into kids and also pets if you have I love playing with kids I can ride bike. And playing or having a chat with kids makes my heart melt. And really got my heart. :)

Motivation: My motivation is to express my love to the kids and helping other people with their daily routine.

Jenilie D. Lambating

Age: 22

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 01.02.2019

Education: (FBS) Food and Beverages Service - graduated

Childcare experience: 2013-2016 took care Autistic child
The same time House Helper -Baby sitter

Motivation: Dear Host Family,
First of all, I want to great you and your family a pleasant day.
My name is Jenilie Dayondon Lambating, 22 years old. Applying as au pair. I am hoping that you are willing to have an aupair from Philippines and I hope you will give me a chance to be part of your family as I love taking care kids and also, I even have some training and seminar how to handle kids, especially those kids that have a special need. As written in my curriculum vitae that I toke care different kids. Actually, I toke care the kids while studying as a 7years working student at the same time I helped also taking care of my cousins’ father when he was sick until he died., I finish my secondary level but I can’t afford to support myself to go to university so I decided to try apply going other country as I am a 2nd among the 5 siblings and our mother left us 14yrs ago and our father died 7yrs ago then my older brother already have his own family so I need to stand as a parent of my other younger sisters. while waiting my opportunity to go to other county, I’m working in the Chinese family here in Philippines as temporary job and after those 6 months contract I’m working right now as a Store Sales Lady as temporary job also since I really want to go to other country.